Who is Creed?

Creed is as I mentioned a character I created, when I was 10. I always read a lot, and my hyperactive imagination needed an outlet. So, Creed became the mold for whatever caught my fancy. Whatever new genre of book I was reading, Creed started to be more and more like the protagonist. But throughout all this time there were some elements to his personality that remained common. His inability to communicate socially was one of them. Among other qualities unique to all iterations of Creed were his unnatural focus on the job at hand, his quick thinking, and his nature to speak, a lot.

But all that speaking was just a camouflage to keep people from guessing his innermost thoughts. Also anyone who really knows me as a person will say some of these things sound familiar. It is because they are, I am the kind of person who likes to put pieces of my  own experiences into my stories. Creed is just an extension of that. Some day I hope to write a large story, a action thriller with my penchant for twists of course, with Creed in the lead. And also, as of writing this, he has no first name. All I know is that his initials are V.A
Thus, making up my username, vacreed.