Who am I?

Well, my name is Prasanna Kulkarni. I am an Indian by nationality and I study engineering.I am a total literature nerd. Ever since I was a child I enjoyed reading books.With time my interests migrated from Harry Potter to Tolstoy who is, as of now my favorite writer. Ever since I’ve read Anna Karenina, I have been extremely inspired by Tolstoy’s writing style and proficiency.

Soon I started yearning for some creative outlet and it inevitably took form of stories. I was never really serious about them, and for the longest time I did not realize that I could write them. It was only when I was given a task of complete the story for the interview of a portfolio in our college’s tech fest, that I first wrote a real story. This one became The Plague. Now, I have received a lot of complaints regarding the confusing nature of this story.So here is a spoiler to Plague, to be precise the character, who is a fiction author, has an accident, and starts living out the plot of his story over and over, while being paralyzed and confined to a chair…spooky.

Anyway, when I’m not writing something for my blog, I’m usually writing assignments for Mumbai University.( Fellow sufferers, you know what I mean). I also enjoy sketching, and am trying to learn the guitar. Eventually I hope to improve my sketching where it can be put up on this blog, and can be used as a narrative tool.

I also spend a large amount of my time listening to music and watching TV shows/movies. I like listening to Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dio…you get the idea. I am also a BIG fan of manga. I’ve read almost all of the popular ones like Naruto, Bleach etc. I enjoy reading comics as well, my favorite character is Batman, but then again he is everybody’s favorite.

So yeah, that about sums it up, that is who I am, the person behind this blog, and in case you are wondering who is Creed, click here.