Victor is a small boy, with a genius level intellect. Perpetually troubled by being different than other children his age. Can nature give an answer to his quandary.?

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Death of a Soldier

Someone receives a letter, about a Soldier who was killed in action, on the day he was supposed to come home.

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The Circle of Life

The circle of life is strange indeed. For the longest time my dream was to own a car. Sadly my financial situation was dire. I got one eventually, and boy did it stand out. Everything about it was special to me. It’s weird paintjob, the strange noises it made at times, everything. For a long […]

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A boy has a lot of problems with fitting in, is it just social anxiety or something else entirely.?

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Why I wrote this blog

Well, first of all  this is not actually a  story, it is rather, just something I would like to share. You may actually call it the story of how this blog started. Ever since I was a little kid I had a hyperactive imagination. My mind was constantly buzzing with crazy ideas about random stuff. […]

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