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Why I wrote this blog

Well, first of all  this is not actually a  story, it is rather, just something I would like to share. You may actually call it the story of how this blog started. Ever since I was a little kid I had a hyperactive imagination. My mind was constantly buzzing with crazy ideas about random stuff. Be it cartoon shows, movies, books, the list is endless. So inevitably I invented a character, a person called V. A. Creed.( That’s where my username comes from) The first and second name kept changing, much like my character himself. When I watched a action thriller he became a martial artist, when I read Harry Potter he became a magician, when I read Sherlock Holmes he became a ace detective with a razor sharp mind, you get the gist. Eventually I planned out a large scale revenge story with Creed as the protagonist, but that never came to fruition.
Obviously my imagination needed fodder, so I started reading…a lot. As a consequence, my desire to actually write something grew exponentially. My stories were no longer a figment of my imagination they became a aim, or rather a pursuit, because I never really got around to penning down any. Around this time I started reading short stories collections of O Henry. The sudden plot twists left an impact on me. That became a reason why I always try to inculcate some sort of plot twist at the end. It’s something of a reward for the reader who sticks with the story till the end. It was then I realized that I could actually write short stories, rather than pursuing long plotlines, which demanded a lot of time and effort which I was never ready to put.
For the past few years I saw a lot of people around me trying out blogging as a way to express their opinions. It was then I had this idea of putting up my short stories on a blog, I didn’t actually start doing it until a month ago. I started with stuff that was already ready, both my current stories were written earlier as a part of something else. And I still have many rough drafts buried somewhere in my mind. I intend to follow through on each one. So yeah, that is basically why I started this blog. I just wanted to stop wasting good ideas.

So did you guys have a similar reason for stating your blog? Let me know in the comments, any and all feedback is appreciated.