2017 A.D.

James Hendricks was faced with a quandary. His son JJ had found a photograph.  “What is this image, Dad?” James tried to explain, to the very best of his ability. ” It’s a image of a tree being killed son..” “What is a tree, Dad?” And therein was the puzzle James Hendricks was faced with. […]

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The Snow Maiden

A story I originally wrote for Illusions ’17, a cultural festival in my college. I used a heavily edited version for the actual competition. So this goes up here!

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Emigration to Antarctica

My first time writing for Friday’s Music Prompt. It is hosted by Mindlovemisery’s menagerie. Today’s prompt is Float On- Modest Mouse. My submission is a short story, enjoy.!! Some days of life are such that you know, they are going to be a drag. You know kind of the one today. You have to wake […]

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The Chase

A creep is following a obviously frightened woman. What are his intentions?

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Victor is a small boy, with a genius level intellect. Perpetually troubled by being different than other children his age. Can nature give an answer to his quandary.?

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Death of a Soldier

Someone receives a letter, about a Soldier who was killed in action, on the day he was supposed to come home.

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The Circle of Life

The circle of life is strange indeed. For the longest time my dream was to own a car. Sadly my financial situation was dire. I got one eventually, and boy did it stand out. Everything about it was special to me. It’s weird paintjob, the strange noises it made at times, everything. For a long […]

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Four Thieves on Camels

A thief is back stabbed by his companions, what unfolds is a strange tale of redemption and justice

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