Just dedicated to some of the short story ideas I’ve had over the years. I always loved writing stories and I never found a way to actually pen then down. Until I found blogging as a viable alternative. I did a post on why I started this blog, a while back. You may read it here.Read on, to get a glimpse of what goes on in my mind and do leave a feedback if you like it.

I plan to eventually create some sort of serialization stories, once my blog takes off. These will obviously star Creed, a character I created when I was 10 and has stayed with me after all these years. Currently I have no fixed schedule on which I update the blog, but soon I intend to make it a regular thing. If you have any suggestions about my stories, the layout of my blog or anything else I’ll be happy to hear them.

About the image, we were walking down my college one day and as you can see, the stairs have those glass panes on the railing side. So a beam of sunlight was coming through an open window-ish. It created that rainbow pattern on my hair, looked cool, so it became the image I use online.


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