2017 A.D.

James Hendricks was faced with a quandary. His son JJ had found a photograph. 

“What is this image, Dad?”

James tried to explain, to the very best of his ability. ” It’s a image of a tree being killed son..”

“What is a tree, Dad?”

And therein was the puzzle James Hendricks was faced with. How to explain this to a boy, whose generation had never known about what had happened on the surface? 

” They were another life form that had populated the surface of this planet, son”

“What happened..?” the boy asked, a little scared now, for the fate of a organism he had never seen.

” Our ancestors decided that they were more beneficial to us fallen and broken rather than alive. They didn’t have voices, so they didn’t protest.  The consequences were more..severe  than our ancestors thought. We were forced to retreat underground.

“When did this happen, Father?” JJ asked.

“A long time ago son, we used to call it 2017 A.D.”

Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers Challenge entry. Many thanks to Priceless Joy.

This week’s photo prompt is provided by Shivangi Singh. Thank you Shivangi for the photo prompt!

31 thoughts on “2017 A.D.

    1. I believe we will survive, because we are resilient that way, the real question I wanted to put forth was whether there is any point in surviving at the cost of our planet.
      Thanks for reading!!

  1. Trees are very important to our civilization and survival. It would be chilling to have all of our trees killed! Great story Prasanna! Welcome to the FFfAW challenge. We are happy you have joined us!

  2. predictions have a strange way of coming true – liked the story telling not the story so much – imagining a world without trees is scary. Thanks for the nightmare!

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