Emigration to Antarctica

My first time writing for Friday’s Music Prompt. It is hosted by Mindlovemisery’s menagerie.
Today’s prompt is Float On- Modest Mouse.
My submission is a short story, enjoy.!!

Some days of life are such that you know, they are going to be a drag. You know kind of the one today. You have to wake up, at 8:00 to get to work on time. You don’t. By the time you reach work, you are already half dead from the exhaustion that is, public transportation. You see your boss, and he is livid, obviously.
After half an hour of showing you who is the boss, he assigns you overtime for today and storms off, you are in no position to refuse.
” Performance  Evaluation ” next week. You see the large pile of files on your desk as the deadline starts looming over your head. Like the silent blade of death, pushing yourself to work, right now, takes away another piece of your very soul. You contemplate emigrating to Antarctica.

Lunch usually provides a sliver of relaxation, in a day that otherwise feels like a colonoscopy,
or so you think. The sandwiches that your wife made for you, seem to have miraculously disappeared from your bag. So you skip lunch.  Rest of the day goes in relative ease, your  PC crashes, you have forgotten to save the data, someone accidentally spills coffee on your table, nothing too crazy. Antarctica, I’m coming.

At 7:00 you realize that you are going to miss your daughter’s drama competition. Oh, the one she has been excited about for months. It is quite hard to convince a four year old, but you manage. Staying back while your only child, steps on the stage for the first time is the hardest thing you’ve done. You hope she realizes that all this, is to secure her future. You watch as all your colleagues leave, one by one. Antarctica…

You finish the work at the exact moment where any more, would have killed you. You make the train back home and doze off. You finally reach home, ready to face a onslaught of questions from your daughter. Instead when you walk in she is smiling, her face makes everything else fade out. She runs to you shouting, ” We won, we won.” That feeling, it fills you with joy and washes off all your exhaustion. You could climb the Everest right now.

Antarctica, you’ll just have to wait, not today. Today I’ll float on, okay.


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