Four Thieves on Camels

As morning breaks all I see is sand in every direction, my final destination is not nearly visible to me. Neither is a source of food, water or any form of sustenance. What is in sight is my impending doom, when every step you take forebodes your death, life becomes a burden and the will to live forsakes you, people generally pray for help at this point. But I don’t pray for help, what I pray for, with what might be my dying breath, is the total annihilation of the scum who left me here to die. They even took my share of the loot, which we were to split 5 ways, the scoundrels.
It was a bad idea from the start, I knew this in my mind. Cutthroats and thugs are seldom good company, but senseless greed blinded me. When they offered to arrange our gateway across the desert, I should have realized that they were planning to betray me from the start. The gateway was supposed to be on camelback but there were only 4 camels, none for me. It is only now that I realize that the nearest town is still leagues away. I summon the very last of my strength. I half expect the reaper to show up, but now I can hear the distant sound of a town bell going off, finally some hope! Invigorated by a slimmer of hope I go on, scorpions sting my legs and the sun seeps my vitality. But finally I reach the town and I collapse at its doors.
I wake up some time later, nursed to health by the good townsfolk. But now I notice something, the town is all bustling, apparently 4 thieves on camels were accosted by the guards  last night, they are scheduled to be flogged publicly in a few hours.


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