What I saw that day, I would never forget. It was something I had never seen and hopefully never would see in the entire remainder of my life; even now I see the sight right before my eyes sending shivers down my spine. The Vision is what I’d call it, left me branded with dread. What I had seen would come to pass in a matter of weeks; in fact it might have already started, the sheer panic left me shaking uncontrollably. The Vision showed me the one thing that entire humanity dreads, secretly in the most private confines of their minds where everyone is nothing but a repressed mess of fears, fear of loss, fear of heights, fear of water, fear of fire..But one fear trumps them all, the fear of Death. Nothing makes a man tremble and lose function more than the realization of death creeping up on him. The Vision foretold the end of the whole mankind, what is worse I saw it all happen. It wasn’t all glamorous and heroic like shown in those apocalypse movies. There was no hope, no chance of survival, first came the Plague, one that had never had been seen before, all our medical expertise and the enormous funding poured into a cure went to waste. I saw the Plague spread faster than any disease I have ever seen, the screams of humanity signaled the onset of dawn that day. Then came the Famine, the Plague affected our crops more than us, I saw the entire world starve to death in a couple of days, then I realized the carnage would never end. This Vision had to be prevented; I had to use my skills as a apprentice of the ancient order of mystics who have steered the world towards a better cause for centuries. I intended to manipulate the one thing that shouldn’t be manipulated, time.

The way I figured the only thing humanity lacked to battle the plague, was a prior warning, I could supply that and everything would be okay, yes that was something I could do, thus I set out to find the book that detailed the process to manipulate time, I found it, the process was a simple one for a prodigy of the ancient arts like me. I acquired the ingredients required without letting the brothers of my order know, as this meddling with the flow of time, was forbidden and the order is strict about these matters. The ritual required a precision that I was not accustomed to, I reversed the state of time all right, but botched up the location at which I would end up.

This is how I ended up at this dump, full of strange creatures and me for some strange reason stuck to a chair, for some reason all of them in white, long flowing coats writing some drivel on their books and notepads, they could be the members of a rival order. Did these crazy people realize how important my work here was? Their lives depended upon it, my life depended upon it, the morons. I tried to scream, no sound came, I tried getting up nothing happened. That is when one of the fools in the strange room lit by white lights pointed at me and asked his colleague about my identity. 

It’s the reply that has sent me down this  memory lane, and left me entirely confused and frankly dumbfounded. The other guy said, “He is the famous fiction writer Argus Creed, he was involved with a major car accident, we suspect massive brain tissue damage resulting in lifelong disability.” “It’s all too sad really, his new book was to be released tomorrow, you might have heard of the book, it is called , “The PLAGUE”.                             .


2 thoughts on “Plague

  1. Liked ur writings.The plague gives twist in end as u say u like giving twist to readers.Its difficult to b different in grp of commoners.The outsider is good story even 4camels.keep it up

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